Thanks to our delegators

  • $1,500 distributed back to local communities through charities

  • $2,100 allocated through micro loans to 33 African business women



Our Stake Pool implement "security in depth" principle. That means multiple layers of Defence are in place to reduce the chance of a potential attack.


Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 6.22.58 pm.png


Our Stake Pool uses multiple Cardano node relays on several continents in order to reach high-availability.
Our infrastructure implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment "CI/CD" practices from the software engineering industry in order to keep improving our infrastructure as fast as possible without compromising on availability.

We have 24h/7 monitoring in place with Prometheus and Grafana


A resilient lone tree bends to the eleme


Automation makes the infrastructure resilient and self-healing hence reduces MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) 

We have implemented our automation code with Terraform and Ansible which are the industry standard. Those practices allow to build a high reliable Pool