How to stake your ADA's with [ANEW] pool?


To get started with staking ADA tokens, the first thing users will need is to hold ADA tokens within a cryptocurrency wallet. 


Investors can use:

  • A multi-currency hardware wallet (Cold wallet), like Ledger, to add an extra layer of security.


The staking process varies from one wallet to another and I would invite to use the provided links (above) to download and familiarise yourself with the wallet of your choice.


However the broad steps are as below:


Step 1. Download the wallet on your phone (for Yoroi) or your computer (for Daedalus or Exodus), or purchase a Ledger wallet.

Step 2. Create a wallet in the application of your choice, and make sure you carefully note the recovery phrase (that’s your only way to retrieve your wallet if you need to reset it)

Step 3. Buy some ADA from a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance, Coinbase, Huobi or Kraken. Transfer the ADA tokens into your wallet.

Step 4. The next step is to delegate your ADA to a staking pool, select [ANEW] and start earning passive income while helping Women empowerment and education in Africa.


Once you have delegated ADA to a staking pool you will begin accruing rewards. When first depositing coins, a user will need to wait 20 days to be approved by the Cardano network. This authentication delay prevents spammers from overloading the network.

After this 20-day wait, stakers will begin earning rewards every 5 days. A user's first ADA staking reward will come 25 days after beginning to stake. The next reward will come after 30 days, and so forth.